How can I create an account/register?

1. Its so simple just click on register link at the top of page and you will be at the registration page.
2. If you want to list events you have to select the organizer option during registration.
3. Fill all the form fields and submit.
4. Check your email to verify/activate your account.
5. Click on the link given in the email and it will redirect you to the set password page. You can set your account password there and enjoy listing on

How do I post an Event (conference, convention, trade show, CME courses etc.)?

Medical Events portal provides comprehensive information and many search options. Therefore, posting your event properly will help visitors find it easily and help communicate with organizers. Before posting your listings, you will need to register as a user.

As an event publisher, you will be dealing with five sets of data (databases). It does not matter what role you choose while registering, you will be able to work with all sets of data. Three sets of databases get recorded permanently for the future use until event submitters log in to modify or delete. Once you create an organizer, a venue or a speaker, you or someone else will be able to select them from dropdown menu just by typing in the first few letters.

1. Organizers / Host information: Before creating an event, you may check if the organization you are posting the event for is already in the database by clicking on organizers and using the search field. Add your organization if it is not listed.

2. Event Venue Location: Click Event Venue to check if the venue for your event is already listed. Sometime Multiple Venues start with the same names as Hilton Hotel Seattle Downtown and Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport. Please create and add your venue if it is not in the Database. Make sure the title of your venue should be clearly searchable. For example, Washington State Convention Center Seattle. Please do not abbreviate.

3. Speakers/Presenters/Alumni: We are hoping that all Medical speakers shall get listed with Speakers listed can be found through easy search. Speakers can also independently add their information even if they are not posting any event. Please add if your speakers are not listed. Click on Speakers to find if your speakers are already listed.

4. The events: Once you have added or found the above-mentioned information you are ready to create your event.

Here are some Tips to effectively promote your events:

1. Event Title: Must contain wording that apply to your event as many visitors search using title.

2. Event Type: you can select Multiple options that apply to you. It’s important to select online events for courses or webcasts over the internet.

3. Event specialties: Click on specialties from the menu at top of the page to see the complete list if specialties. Let us know if you want us to add a new specialty. You may assign multiple specialties. Select all that apply to your event.

4. Event description: Try to have at least 150 words description. This will help with SEO Search engine 5. Event venue: Type in a few letters and the venue will be displayed. Select from the drop-down menu. Add if your venue is not in the database already. Note: Select, “Online Event” as venue If your event is online.

6. Organizers and speakers can also be selected from existing database. You will need to add if your organizers or speakers are not in the list.

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Why is my Event not yet live?

We will first review your listings to to check the valid content and then will publish, once your event will be published you will get email notification from

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